So a friend asked me to shoot their wedding. not a real high pressure thing, they would not have a photographer otherwise, and I'm not so close to them that I'll feel like I missed the wedding (friends through my fiance) and they have a realistic idea of my skill level, so I said yes. I was actually pretty excited about it.  Now, though, I need to get some ideas and tips on wedding photography in general.  I shoot with a pentax k100d, and have the kit lens, a 50mm 1.7 (manual), a 28mm 2.8 (manual), and will probably have a 70-300 or 50-200 zoom by that point. I also have a mediocre flash. Is there other gear that is MUST have for this kind of thing?  Any suggestions about shooting in churches? at dark receptions? Just all around great must-have shots?

Please help.

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